Types of EU Legislation

An overview of the different types of EU legislation

In this article we're examining the different types of EU legislation to get a better context for the bloc's efforts to create robust legal framework for the crypto industry. Let's have a look!
DAOs in Wyoming

DAO in Wyoming: US state shows us possible approach to DAO regulation

DAOs, are one of the most interesting applications of blockchain technology, but, as a rather new form of collective, they are facing a lack of regulation. One approach to solving this issue can be found in the US state of Wyoming. Let's take a closer look.

How to register a crypto company in Bulgaria

In this follow-up article, we’ll be examining in further detail the regulatory and legal requirements that you’ll need to meet in order to open a crypto business in Bulgaria. We’ll also be looking at how an experienced legal advisor like LimeLegal can help you in such an undertaking. So let’s dive in.

What makes Bulgaria a top destination for blockchain businesses

Choosing the right jurisdiction to set up shop is an important step for any starting business. This is especially true for businesses that are operating in the blockchain industry, which, itself, is still in its formative years and is often looked down upon by regulators across the world.

Asset tokenization reveals urgent need for better blockchain and crypto regulation

One factor that brought into focus the need for regulatory response was the asset tokenization boom that contributed, directly and indirectly, to that rapid growth of the crypto market.

Georgi Traykov accepted as a member of the EU’s blockchain infrastructure management group

LimeLegal is proud to announce that our colleague Georgi Traykov has been certified as a national European Blockchain Partnership (EBP) representative in the Asylum Process Management UC group for the development of the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI).
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