LimeLegal’s Georgi Traykov accepted as a member of the EU’s blockchain infrastructure management group

01 Dec 2020

LimeLegal is proud to announce that our colleague Georgi Traykov has been certified as a national European Blockchain Partnership (EBP) representative in the Asylum Process Management UC group for the development of the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI).

A joint initiative between the European Commission and the EBP, the EBSI seeks to deliver various blockchain-powered public services across the European Union. EBSI’s initial focus will be on the following use cases:

    • European Self-Sovereign Identity – the goal is to enable users to create and control their own identity across borders without relying on centralised authorities;
    • Diplomas – this use case aims to provide EU citizens with digital control over their educational credentials, which would significantly reduce verification costs and improve trust in documents authenticity;
    • Notarization – this use case seeks to leverage blockchain technology to create trusted digital audit trails, automate compliance checks, and prove data integrity.
    • Trusted data sharing – here blockchain technology is being used to securely share data, for example, IOSS VAT identification numbers and import one-stop-shop, among customs and tax authorities in the EU.

Having a representative in the group that manages the process of building Europe’s blockchain services infrastructure will allow us to gather valuable insight and understanding of the EU’s concentrated effort to encourage blockchain adoption across the region. This, in turn, will increase our ability to provide quality service to our EU-based clients.

LimeLegal already offers a unique combination of knowledge about blockchain, technical skills, and legal expertise. Our comprehensive skillset allows us to examine any given problem from every angle and come up with an optimal solution. Our service portfolio includes STO, ICO, and IEO legal advisory; KYC and AML advisory; regulatory and tax consulting; fintech advisory; crypto legal consultancy; blockchain project consultancy; digital asset tokenization and registration of blockchain and fintech companies.

If you have any legal-related questions or need assistance in any of the areas mentioned above, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

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