LimeLegal offers a range of complete Fintech & Blockchain focused legal advisory services to clients across the globe. The company is well positioned to support and advise its clients on a variety of areas which include anything from STO, ICO & IEO, FinTech to crypto consultancy, tokenization of digital assets and tax related topics. LimeLegal is renowned for its unique approach to provide its expertise in an accurate, effective, courteous, ethical and business focused manner, at the level of professional skills that exceed the expectations in the industry.

STO, ICO & IEO legal advisory

LimeLegal provides comprehensive legal consulting services for STO, ICO and IEO projects. Full legal structuring of STO, ICO & IEO projects. Access to STO best practices. Consultancy on the selection of the most suitable jurisdiction for your STO, ICO & IEO project. Assistance and consultancy on the business model, elaboration of business plans, strategies and concepts. Development of White Papers from scratch and verification, analysis and recommendations on existing once. Assistance and support on drafting of all other necessary documentation – Terms of Use, Terms of Sale, Privacy and Security Policies, etc.. Advising on all KYC procedures. Connection to VC Funds. Developing investor documentation.

KYC (Know Your Customer) & AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Advisory

Enabling efficient KYC & AML compliance. Consultancy and drafting of enhanced customer due diligence documents and reports. Arranging KYC procedures. Onboarding and monitoring of customers. AML evaluation and screening of vendors. Development of AML internal rules and all necessary documentation. Verification and analysis of existing KYC & AML documentation.

Regulatory and Tax Consulting

Getting a clear picture on the EU regulatory framework and tax advice for certain jurisdictions. Constructing the desired project in compliance with the regulatory and tax provisions in order to satisfy the client’s needs. Providing assistance and communication with the competent supervisory authorities throughout the entire process. Assisting on obtaining required licenses and permits.

Fintech Advisory

Advising on all aspects of the sector. Consultancy on integration of third party payment services. Integrated legal solutions to navigate clients in the increasingly complex legal environment related to financial services. Supporting and advising payment service providers and blockchain-empowered platforms providing FinTech services.Consulting clients on the legal requirements and conditions for obtaining of EMI (Electronic Money Institution) license for a specific business model. Assisting clients throughout the entire procedure for obtaining an EMI license. Assistance to the clients in the communication with the competent authority during the procedure. Guidance in relation to technical reports, programs, description of processes, proposed services, incl. payment services, information statements, etc.

Crypto legal consultancy

Advising on any crypto projects. Consultancy on crypto assets. Analysis on the nature and legal status of any tokens to be issued. Cryptocurrency tax consulting. Assisting on transfer of funds from cryptocurrencies to fiat money. Analysis of cryptocurrencies in various jurisdictions. Legal consultancy on all Exchanges’ activities.

Blockchain Projects Consultancy

Thorough legal examination of the project in terms of rights, obligations and liability of the parties, potential risks, acquisition and transfer of assets during the execution of any blockchain project. Blockchain legal compliance. Assessment of the project with the statutory requirements, recommendations and actions needed in order to achieve compliance with the regulatory framework. Providing due diligence reports on business models and concepts. Advising on block-chain related software products and solutions.

Blockchain & Fintech Company registration

Providing assistance in company registration from scratch – drafting corporate documentation, arranging formalities with banks, public notaries and financial institutions, applying and leading the procedure before the registrar. Consultancy on the selection of the most suitable jurisdiction for your company.

Tokenization of Digital Assets

Providing legal consultancy services on tokenization of physical or digital assets such as securities, real estate, financial assets, tokenization of luxury goods, art, Tokenized IPOs, dividend payouts and others. Supporting in the creation of legal documents, framework for the offerings and choosing best jurisdictions. LimeLegal provides End-to-End legal support for tokenization of assets.



Overview of the Challenges and Goals

Acquiring a complete and thorough understanding about your business case is a key for crafting the best possible solution. In this first step we perform 101 sessions on which to get a complete understanding about your goals and perceived challenges.


Due Diligence

Once we have a full grasp about the business case our team of experienced legal advisors, lawyers & technologist perform a thorough due diligence evaluating the best possible options to achieve the goals & solve the challenges.


Goals & Strategy

Once we have performed deep due diligence LimeLegal jointly with you crafts a solution which to tackle the goals & challenges in the most effective and efficient way.


Implementation & Execution

Preparation brings little value if not coupled with action. We provide full support in implementing & executing the plan we jointly have created.