Top European Jurisdictions for Blockchain Companies

Generally speaking, the blockchain and crypto space has never had a good relationship with regulators. From the early years, when the fledgling industry was largely ignored, to more recent times, governments and regulators around the world have time and again demonstrated their inability to handle the sector.

The legal challenges you need to consider before launching a blockchain start-up

The majority of legal hurdles come as a result of the inability of current financial rules and regulations to cover the various aspects of the blockchain sector, as well as from the lack of a unified approach when it comes to blockchain and crypto regulation.

Security tokens

Security tokens explained

Security tokens are a crypto asset type that represents an ownership stake in an asset or a business. A security token essentially serves a similar role to traditional securities such as shares so it warrants the same regulatory scrutiny as those types of financial instruments.

What makes Bulgaria a top destination for blockchain businesses

Choosing the right jurisdiction to set up shop is an important step for any starting business. This is especially true for businesses that are operating in the blockchain industry, which, itself, is still in its formative years and is often looked down upon by regulators across the world.

Asset tokenization reveals urgent need for better blockchain and crypto regulation

One factor that brought into focus the need for regulatory response was the asset tokenization boom that contributed, directly and indirectly, to that rapid growth of the crypto market.

Georgi Traykov accepted as a member of the EU’s blockchain infrastructure management group

LimeLegal is proud to announce that our colleague Georgi Traykov has been certified as a national European Blockchain Partnership (EBP) representative in the Asylum Process Management UC group for the development of the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI).